Responsible for People?

Reach your team on every device, when it matters most.

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It shouldn’t be so hard to reach your team in an emergency

RollCall makes it easy to reach people and get quick answers

Powerful features for a quick response

  • Any device

    Messages are sent via email, SMS or app, so there’s no dependence on the platform or device.

  • Secure contacts

    Securely store team info with multiple points of contact, all synced securely via encrypted transport.

  • User groups

    Add your contacts to a group so you can RollCall multiple people with the push of a button.

  • Enterprise roles

    Multiple admin and user roles, so that your team only sees what they want.

Didn't know you needed this tool? Neither did we.

Ushahidi built RollCall after a team member was involved in a terrorist attack and we realized we needed a quick way to check in with each other in critical situations. We built this tool to help other teams reach each other everyday and in a crisis.

Pricing plan

7 Day Free Trial


5 text messages per userAdditional texts just $1 per 10 SMS

  • Unlimited in-app messages
  • Unlimited email messages
  • Unlimited Slack messages
  • available in US, Canada and Kenya

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